Good Afternoon HPCs,

This is a joint Abode and Clearesult communication. Rise will be following up shortly with a few slight changes.

National Grid and Eversource have approved a new bonus opportunity for customers who act quickly and sign their insulation contracts provided at HEAs between now and August 31st and complete their installation by October 31st, they will receive a $100 Visa rewards card. This promotion will only be offered to customers at scheduled HEAs now as well as customers who have unsigned insulation contracts from previous appointments dating back to 2020. Previously served customers will receive a direct mail letter and email encouraging participation.

The goal of this offer is to encourage and reward customers that accelerate their decision-making process and to reward them for completing their projects prior to the fall/winter season when temperatures begin to fall. Customers with pre-weatherization barriers can be eligible once they receive and sign their contract by the deadline after the barrier is cleared. This offer is exclusive to insulation contracts and the gift card amount cannot exceed the customer contribution (≤$100). Additionally, customers receiving no-cost weatherization incentives are not eligible for the rewards card (i.e., air/duct sealing, whole building, moderate-income, renters).

Please remember to submit workscopes/scheduled installs/invoices in a timely manner. It’s also important that the contract signed date is entered accurately into WFA to ensure timely distribution of the $100 Visa gift cards to your customers. Attached are the Eversource and National Grid flyers to distribute to your Energy Specialists with approval to begin offering to customers at HEAs starting July 1st through the end of August.

Please reach out to your Account Manager with any questions.

Abode and Clearesult