I’m including a document that we put together combining the below documents to provide you with a reference guide for most of the current 2022 rebates, along with Questions and answers from both the Heat Pump Installer Network and the Mass Save Sponsors on the three-year plan. Moderate Income, Induction Stove, and Window rebates should become active by July 15th. The most accurate data can be accessed on the Mass Save Website Mass Save Rebates.

Documents included

  • Abode cheat sheet – verification requirements
  • What is Sufficiently Weatherized
  • Email template for customers with homes post 2000
  • 2022 HVAC Rebate Matrix
  • Mass Save® Heat Pump Installer Network Frequently Asked Questions
  • MASS SAVE® SPONSORS 2022-2024 PLAN Residential Contractor Presentation Questions & Answer
  • We hope you find this helpful and always feel free to reach out with further questions