Hello HPC,

The current three-year plan has a strong focus and aggressive rebates to help drive electrification, heat pumps, and weatherization. As a result, there are updates to the recommendations that HES should make and critical information we must gather in the WFA software.

Many of these rebates require an Energy Specialist to verify existing systems information to verify rebate eligibility and amounts. We have created an overview (ES 2022 Rebate Recommendation & Verifications) of the rebates and requirements for Energy Specialists going forward. It is important that all Energy Specialists understand the information they enter determines customer eligibility and rebate amount, so accuracy is important.

There is also a new requirement to capture photos of the Heating System that I want to highlight. A picture of the system standing back and a close-up of the plate should be obtained at every assessment and stored in a centralized location managed by the HPC (not just on Energy Specialists’ phones). The photos must be retrievable on an as-needed basis and do not need to be attached to WFA.

Please ensure all this information is shared and reviewed with your Energy Specialists and reach out with any questions.