Hello HPC,
We have updated the 2023 Energy Specialist Rebate & Verification Guide that contains 2023 changes.  There is also a link to a folder with all 2023 Rebate Forms, including clean and fillable versions.
We are still waiting for the updated 2023 HEAT Loan Packet and 2023 $500 Weatherization + Heat pump rebate to be updated and will share when available.  Until then, continue to use the 2022 forms for those.
Please ensure this information is shared and reviewed with your Energy Specialists.  Energy Specialists need to understand and discuss all available Mass Save rebates that apply to the homeowner. The information entered in the program software as part of the Energy Assessment is used to determine customer eligibility and rebate amounts for several rebates. Accuracy is important!
As another reminder, last year, there was a new requirement to capture photos of the Heating System that I want to highlight.  A picture of the system standing back and a close-up of the plate should be obtained at every assessment and stored in a centralized location managed by the HPC (not just on Energy Specialists’ phones). The photos must be retrievable on an as-needed basis and do not need to be attached to WFA.
Thanks, and reach out with any questions.