2023 Renter & Moderate Income Lighting Offer


  • Renter and Moderate income customers can access upto 12 bulbs at no cost
  • There are three lighting kits to choose from
    • 6 A-lamps
    • 3 A-Lamps and 3 Decorative candle Bulbs
    • 3 Decorative candle Bulb & 3 A-Lamps

Launch Date

  • January 1, 2023
  • This incentive is expected to be available for the year’s first six months.


  • This offer is for renters and customers approved for Moderate Income only.  
  • Lighting is longer available for Market Rate Customers. Customers interested in purchasing ISMs can be directed to the Mass save product store.

How to provide the incentive 

  • There is a hidden URL that Lead Vendors and HPCs will provide to eligible customers only.
  • The URL is https://www.poweredbyefi.org/masssave_oracle/free-lighting-kits.html.
  • The URL can be provided to customers at any point in the process as long as they have been identified as eligible. An email after intake or at the assessment is the most appropriate time to provide this link.
  • Eligible customers can access the webpage and choose up to 12 bulbs at no cost.
  • At checkout, the customer will enter their Utility account numbers and address.

Reach out if you have any questions,