Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mass Save?
Mass Save® is a collaborative of Massachusetts’ electric and natural gas utilities and energy efficiency service providers including Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty, National Grid and Unitil. Mass Save helps empower residents, businesses and communities to make energy-efficient upgrades by offering a wide range of services, rebates, incentives, trainings and information. As a result, only customers of these utilities and energy efficiency service providers are eligible for rebates and Airbnb grants at this stage.
Who is Abode Energy Management?
Abode is a Concord, Massachusetts-based company that provides energy management and consulting services to homeowners, businesses and communities. We have supported over 108,000 home energy assessments and completed more than 29,000 quality assurance inspections for Massachusetts homeowners. We are partnering with Airbnb for this program, and throughout the home energy assessment and installation process, will be there to answer any questions you may have. We will also provide additional services, like heat pump consultations, at no cost to eligible Airbnb Hosts.
What is a Home-Performance Contractor (HPC)?
HPCs are Abode-vetted, Mass Save-certified contractors who can conduct home energy assessments and provide recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades that are right for your home. HPCs are licensed, and vetted by Abode to carry out Mass Save assessment and installation work. Following the eligibility survey, you were matched with one of four HPCs that are part of Abode’s network: Homeworks, Revise, American Installations or NEEECO.
Can I work with my own contractor for the weatherization and heat pump installations? Will I still be eligible for Mass Save and Airbnb incentives?

Yes, for this program, as long as your weatherization contractor is part of the Mass Save HPC network and your heat pump installer is part of the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network, your upgrades will still be eligible for the Mass Save heat pump rebates and the Airbnb grants. There may be additional processing time required for your Airbnb grant (in the case of weatherization installations) if you work with an HPC other than the one recommended by Abode, but you will still receive your grant after completing the installation. With your heat pump installation, you will need to submit the heat pump verification form no matter which Mass Save-approved heat pump installer with whom you choose to work.

Why do I need to start with a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment?

In order to receive any Mass Save rebates for weatherization and a heat pump, you must first complete a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment (HEA). The HEA will provide you valuable information about your home’s energy use and efficiency. If you have completed a HEA in the past two years, please reach out to Abode to move forward with the weatherization or heat pump process.

What does a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment include?
Your No-Cost Home Energy Assessment (HEA) will provide you with a customized energy report tailored specifically to your home. It will include a set of recommended upgrades including 1) a set of no-cost energy-saving products like advanced power strips, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, efficient thermostats; 2) an explanation of potential rebates of up to 75% or more off approved insulation improvements; and 3) no-cost targeted air sealing measures. The HEA will also help you start to understand if your home might benefit from a heat pump and outline the Mass Save rebates and 0% interest financing options that are available to you.
What is weatherization?
Weatherization is a term that refers to improvements like air sealing and insulation that can improve the energy efficiency of your home and prevent energy waste. The Mass Save program offers significant rebates (75%-100%) for these actions. Your No-Cost Home Energy Assessment will outline the ways your home could benefit from weatherization.
Who completes the weatherization installation, Abode Energy Management or the Home Performance Contractor?
The Home Performance Contractor will complete the installation of your weatherization actions. Abode is there to guide you through the process, answer any questions you might have and ensure that installations are high-quality, timely and cost-effective.
Do I have to submit anything to receive the Mass Save rebates for weatherization actions?
No, your HPC will provide you with an itemized quote for recommended weatherization actions based on your No-Cost Home Energy Assessment. For each recommended measure, there will be a quantity recommended, a total cost and then a customer cost. This customer cost reflects the price reductions thanks to the Mass Save rebates. After you sign the quote, there is no further action needed to access the rebates, but you will be required to pay the HPC the full remaining balance owed. Your HPC will work with Abode to notify Airbnb that the weatherization actions were installed. (See separate FAQ on receiving your Airbnb grant for weatherization).
How will I receive my Airbnb grant for weatherization?

For your weatherization grant of up to $500, you don’t need to take any action if you completed the work with your Abode-recommended HPC. Once your HPC completes the installation of your recommended weatherization actions, Abode will notify Airbnb on your behalf. You will receive your grant of up to $500 directly from Airbnb through the Airbnb platform. The estimated processing time is 4 weeks from the date the weatherization installation is completed. If you work with another contractor that is part of the Mass Save network, please reach out to Abode ( to ensure the work is tracked and qualifies for the Airbnb grant.

I completed my weatherization work with my HPC and want to move forward with a heat pump. What should I do next?

Congratulations on completing your weatherization! The next step toward a more energy-efficient home and lower energy bills is a heat pump installation. The Home Performance Contractor (HPC) that completed your HEA and weatherization work can also help you get started with a heat pump, either with their own team or their certified installer partners. Your HPC may have already suggested a follow-up visit to generate a heat pump quote for your home. If not, you can call them directly and schedule that visit today. You can also work with any of the heat pump installers in the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network. If you have any questions about the process, schedule your one-on-one, personal heat pump consultation service with Abode at no cost to you.

I completed weatherization through Mass Save in the past and want to move forward with a heat pump. Will I be eligible for the Airbnb grant?

Yes, you are eligible for an Airbnb grant up to $2,000 if you have not yet installed a heat pump. Similarly, if you completed a home energy assessment in the past and want to move forward with a weatherization installation, you are eligible for an Airbnb grant up to $500. You are only ineligible for the grants if you have already taken both weatherization and heat pump actions in all eligible properties.

What is a heat pump?

An air-source heat pump is a single electric appliance that can replace both your traditional air conditioner and home heating system (like a furnace or boiler). Heat pumps are 3-5 times more energy efficient than traditional heating systems, run on electricity and work in all climates. Visit the heat pump consultation page to learn more and schedule your personal heat pump consultation with Abode today!

What is the difference between a partial-home heat pump and whole-home heat pump? Do the Mass Save rebate amounts vary?

The Mass Save Program defines a whole-home heat pump system as a heat pump that is used as the sole source of heating during the heating season. Mass Save defines a partial-home heat pump system as a heat pump with integrated controls that is used as a source of heating alongside a pre-existing oil, propane or natural gas system. The Mass Save rebates for both types of systems vary, but only a whole-home heat pump is eligible for the full $10,000 Mass Save rebate. Visit the Mass Save program site to learn more about Mass Save rebates for air-source heat pumps.

What financing options are available for the balance I owe on my new heat pump system?

The Mass Save program partners with local credit unions to provide Massachusetts customers with a 0% APR HEAT Loan (up to 7 years) to cover any remaining out-of-pocket costs for heat pumps or other related work to your home. Abode and your Home Performance Contractor will provide you with more information regarding the HEAT Loan application. Schedule your personal heat pump consultation with Abode.

Additionally, and if needed while you wait on your Mass Save heat pump rebate to be processed, most HPCs offer additional 0% APR bridge financing options. These bridge financing options typically don’t require any payments within a promotional period and are available because it typically takes 6-8 weeks for your $10,000 Mass Save rebate to process and because these costs cannot be included in the longer-term HEAT Loan. The important thing to remember with these options is to pay off the balance as soon as your rebate funds are received. Abode can also help you understand these options during your heat pump consultation.

How will I receive my Airbnb grant for my heat pump installation?

After you complete your heat pump installation (whole-home or partial-home), you will be asked to submit a brief verification form and attach a picture of your paid heat pump invoice. Abode will then notify Airbnb, and you will receive your grant of up to $2,000 directly from Airbnb through the Airbnb platform. The estimated processing time is 4 weeks from the date your grant verification form is submitted.

Can I sign my contract, but schedule the work for later in the year when my listing isn’t booked?

Yes, you can work directly with the contractor to schedule the installation date that works best for you and your listing. Please note that to be eligible to receive the Airbnb grant, all installation work must be completed and documentation submitted by December 31, 2023.

Can I access Airbnb grants and Mass Save rebates for more than one listing?

Yes, as long as each listing meets all of the criteria for this program, including:

  • It is located in Massachusetts and you are a resident of Massachusetts
  • It also has a utility account with National Grid or Eversource
  • It is not located in a building with 5 or more units
  • You have hosted an Airbnb guest there for at least one night in the year prior to April 10, 2023 
I am a Host, but don’t own the listing. Can I participate?

You should consult with the owner of the property before moving forward. The property owner, or someone who has been granted power of attorney or other legal authorization to act on behalf of the property owner, will need to engage the HPC or other Mass Save-approved contractor for the installation of weatherization actions or the installation of a heat pump. Similarly, if the Mass Save 0% HEAT loan or any other financing is being accessed, the property owner or someone legally designated to act on their behalf would need to apply and complete any loan documentation. If the property owner elects to proceed and completes the weatherization and/or heat pump installation work, Abode will notify Airbnb and Airbnb will pay the grant to the Airbnb account of the Host who enrolled in the program through the Abode survey.

How will Abode use the information I provide?

We promise to protect your privacy.

Abode Energy Management is committed to helping homeowners achieve their energy efficiency and renewable energy goals, and we keep homeowners at the center of our focus as we innovate our programs, offerings, and data collection methods. The following summary statement describes our privacy practices, which are set forth in detail in Abode’s Written Information Security Policy, which is available upon request at [].

Abode may collect information about its customers, characteristics and construction of their homes, building systems, and energy use. This information may be provided in a variety of ways, including information provided from customers in response to surveys or form submissions, utility account data, reports and photographs prepared by Abode personnel or third-party contractors through site visits or home energy assessments, or information that is publicly available through searches of public records.

Abode promises that we will treat Personal Information and Confidential Information in accordance with the Written Information Security Policy, and that we will utilize such information only in connection with Abode’s legitimate business purposes.

By engaging with Abode and utilizing Abode’s services or the services of its partners, you acknowledge and consent to Abode’s collection and utilization of information, and you agree that you will notify Abode at [] should you wish to direct Abode’s handling of your information in any way not expressly set forth in the Written Information Security Policy.

Read the program terms and conditions.

Can I receive an Airbnb grant for a project I previously completed?

No, unfortunately you will not be eligible for an Airbnb grant for a weatherization or heat pump installation that happened before this program was announced (April 20, 2023). However, if you have already completed weatherization through Mass Save and want to continue the process by installing a heat pump, you will be eligible to receive an Airbnb heat pump grant for up to $2,000. Similarly, if you completed a home energy assessment in the past and want to move forward with a weatherization installation, you are eligible for an Airbnb grant up to $500.

A Guide to Airbnb Energy-Efficiency Grants

Here’s what eligible Hosts can expect going forward. As always, Abode is here to answer any questions you may have at 339-800-4609 or

Mass Save® is an initiative sponsored by Massachusetts natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers. Some restrictions apply and offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit for more details.

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We know the home improvement process can be daunting, so we have partnered with Abode to offer Airbnb Hosts a personalized consultation service. During your consultation, you can learn more about the benefits of weatherization and heat pumps and ask any questions you may have about the program and your eligibility for the Mass Save rebates and Airbnb grants.