You’re eligible!

Your electricity provider is a sponsor of the Mass Save program, and you are likely eligible to receive Mass Save rebates and an Airbnb grant for energy-efficient home improvements that you complete during the program period.

The first step? Scheduling a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment. Based on where your listing is located, we’ve matched you with HomeWorks Energy, Inc.

Interested in upgrading multiple listings?

If you have more than one Airbnb listing that you are interested in upgrading, please inform HomeWorks when they visit during the Home Energy Assessment for the first listing. Each listing will require its own Home Energy Assessment, so you can schedule any additional visits directly with HomeWorks.

Have a question?

Visit the Airbnb program page to read through the FAQs or schedule your personalized heat pump consultation with Abode. And if you ever have any other questions about the process, you can always call Abode at 339-800-4609 or email

Remember, terms and conditions apply.