Grant Eligibility

Ineligible Hosts

Thank you for completing the survey, we appreciate your interest in making energy-efficient improvements to your Airbnb listing.

Unfortunately, it looks like this program is not available to you for one of two reasons: either 1) you are not served by a sponsoring utility or energy efficiency service provider of Mass Save ® or 2) your listing is in a building with 5 or more units. As we expand our program, we will reach out with additional opportunities, and there may be action you can take in the meantime! Explore the Mass Save website to learn more about other energy efficiency offerings for Massachusetts residents.

If your listing is in a building with 5 or more units: This particular offer is only for listings in buildings with fewer than 5 units, but there are other Mass Save resources for renters, owners or managers of buildings with 5 or more units. Visit the Mass Save site for Multi-Family Properties today to learn more.

If your utility is an MLP: If your utility is an MLP: While not part of Mass Save, many Massachusetts MLPs (municipal utilities) also offer significant rebates or other programs that can help you make the switch to efficient, electric equipment and save on upfront costs. We assembled a list of those programs below.