Eversource has updated its stance on canvassing and now allows Mass Save Partners to canvass in Eversource territory. I have attached some guidelines that must be followed and encourage everyone to comply and avoid any potential issues or complaints around canvassing so this can continue.

To be clear, Eversource does not endorse canvassing or door-to-door outreach and regularly communicates to the public through the media that they do NOT go door-to-door. However, they will now allow partner contractors to do so if they are representing their own company while doing so.

Please read the attached guidelines and ensure staff is aware of followings these guidelines.

Additionally, until further notice, Eversource wants to ensure they understand what is happening, know where people are canvassing and can respond if issues arise. We require two things before you begin canvassing.

1. If you plan to canvass, please notify Abode that you are interested in canvassing and plan to do so.
2. When you are canvassing in Eversource territory, provide or preferred would be to share a spreadsheet with the dates you will be canvassing and the town/location. We do not need streets or detailed information.

If you have any questions or want to submit any information, you can send it to Justin.bolam@abodeem.com or me at mark.tempel@abodeem.com

Thanks, and good luck out there!