Hi Everyone,

The Census Block promotion went live in October 2022 and was set to end on January 31st, 2023 but it is now extended to May 1st, 2023! As a reminder, this is to support select groups with an extra incentive to help balance out the rising costs of fuel this winter. All eligible customers with weatherization work need to sign contracts before May 1st, 2023 to qualify for the 100% incentive! Please remember that this is ONLY for the customers that are located in the selected Census Tracts.

To all contractors not participating in the marketing efforts, we will still monitor your HEAs and notify you if a scheduled HEA qualifies for this promotion.

I will follow up shortly with the HPCs participating in the Marketing efforts. Participating HPCs must submit all canvassing plans to the Marketing Portal for tracking. The PAs will conduct a post-mortum on this effort so tracking all efforts is crucial.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Mark or me.

How to apply 100% incentive for Census Tract Customers

Below are the steps that HPCs should take to apply the 100% incentive for eligible Census Tract customers.  Abode will review projects in flight to make sure that all eligible customers receive the incentive.

Applying the 100% Incentive in WFA –

  • You can apply the 100% incentive project flag for eligible customers in the given Census Tracts, even if the HEA was prior to 10/18/22
  • Under Project Flags, select “yes” to 100% Off Incentive and then enter the date.
  • No other incentive-based project flags should be applied (Whole Building Incentive/Multi-Unit-Building/Single-Family-Renter or Moderate Income)
  • Census Tract Project Flag Coming Soon: an additional project flag will be added that identifies the customer incentive.  This will only be a tracking flag.
  • The 100% Off Incentive project flag will still need to be set to apply the incentive

Validating Incentive Eligibility

Please take care to only offer eligible customers the 100% Incentive.  Eligible addresses are listed in the selected Census Tracts; you may have neighboring customers in the same zip code who are not eligible.  You are responsible for honoring the incentive if you apply it to ineligible customers.

HEA Validation – There are no special requirements for validating a Census Tract customer in WFA.  Same approval process and guidelines

  • Customers must have eligible market-rate rate codes
  • Customers with low-income rate codes should be referred to their CAP
  • Most customers should be auto-approved for HEAs and sail through to Scheduling
  • If account numbers are not available, or the project is otherwise re-directed to Initial Manual Eligibility Review, please submit the project to Abode with account numbers and any context why the project should be approved.
  • The reason for manual review is not “Census Block,” but whatever issue is preventing approval – missing/shared account numbers, missing rate codes, new homeowner, conflicting appointment scheduled, etc. shared
  • We will approve or return the project to you, depending on the details.
Justin Bolam