Contractors occupy a unique role in the energy efficiency space, serving as the bridge between program administrators and homeowners. This month’s spotlight is focused on Basnett Plumbing, Heating, and AC, one of our participating contractors who blends technical expertise with a tailored approach to provide a stellar customer experience. We had the chance to speak with John Frechette from Basnett, who provided some insight into their approach to customer interactions. 

According to John, the most important consideration to improve the customer experience is to have candid conversations with homeowners that revolve around understanding their goals and vision for their home, so much so that he tends to spend more time speaking to customers than quoting the project. During these conversations, he finds it important to be open-minded to suggestions and willing to dynamically adjust recommendations based on customer feedback. Another advantage of the tailored approach is that it allows Basnett to adjust the content of their discussions based on the customer’s level of interest in the project details. Most often, customers with technical backgrounds prefer to be more involved in the design and install process, which can be viewed as cumbersome to some contractors. John approaches these situations with a willingness to engage on a technical level, providing more details on system selection and design and filling in knowledge gaps in order for clients to get a more holistic view of the project. 

On the flip side, John tends to change the content of the discussion when dealing with customers who prefer a lower level of involvement to avoid losing their interest. He provides them with a basic education of the solutions available to them and directs them to resources where they can learn more, often in the form of product brochures or rebate program websites. John believes this tailored approach is essential to establishing trust between the contractor and customer, in addition to providing them with a more interconnected view of how the project would integrate into their home. As a result of this approach, John finds that many customers are comfortable with receiving and moving forward with a single quote, which reduces the time needed to arrive at a decision and ultimately contributes to a better experience for the customers.

Through speaking with John, it became clear that Basnett’s attention to detail and willingness to adapt to different customers forms the core of their excellent customer service. By actively listening and implementing client feedback, Basnett establishes a sense of collaboration with the homeowners, setting Basnett apart and providing a unique contractor/customer experience.