Heat Pump Installers

Work with Abode to ensure that Air Source Heat Pumps are being installed to have the greatest impact on comfort and efficiency.


Contractors working in our programs should:

  • Complete an onboarding session with Abode Energy Management
  • Complete a Manual J for both partial and whole-home systems
  • Utilize NEEP’s ccASHP database to better size and select equipment
  • Check the relevant MLP’s equipment eligibility requirements and rebate process before proposing a system
  • Participate in industry conferences and relevant training sessions to stay up to date with HP evolution
  • Remain in good standing within our MLP programs by being responsive, flexible, and highly communicative with customers and Abode

A 45-60 minute conversation for contractors about the rebate process, program best practices, and the participating contractor list. We will cover the pre-approval and install-QA forms in detail during this time.


Your Guide to Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Your Guide to Air-Source Heat Pumps

Air-Source Heat Pump
Buying Guide

Getting the Most Out of Your Heat Pump

Heat Pump Projects Reviewed

with over $20M in heat pump project costs reviewed

“Abode has been instrumental in the success of RMLD’s Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Program. Abode provides technical assistance to customers and HVAC contractors in all phases of the program, including a pre-installation design review and post-installation quality assessment. Abode’s role has been critical in ensuring a positive program experience for RMLD’s customers and contractors.”​

Shawn Intorcio
Energy Resource Integration Engineer
Reading Municipal Light Department | RMLD​


Starting Your Heat Pump Journey

Starting Your Heat Pump Journey

Starting Your Heat Pump Journey Thinking about heat pumps for your home?  Let Abode walk you through some of the key concepts and considerations you should explore as you evaluate the best heat pump solutions for your home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwRKnbgekYg...

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How to Use Your Heat Pump

How to Use Your Heat Pump

How to Use Your Heat Pump Air source heat pumps save energy and improve comfort, and residents across the Northeast are making the switch. Whether you are just starting to explore heat pumps or already have a heat pump system installed in your home, here are some...

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