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Heat Pumps in MLP Towns

Municipal Light Plants (MLPs) are utilities that are owned by a local municipality, and they account for 14% of the electricity distributed in Massachusetts. Unlike investor-owned utilities (IOUs), MLPs are allowed to own and operate generation facilities as well as...

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Stash Heat Pumps

While increasing the adoption of heat pumps is critical to improving residential energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, there are looming concerns that the US electric grid is not yet ready for all homes to make the transition. With more heating systems...

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Evaluating Integrated Control Systems

Integrated control systems are often touted as a great complement to heat pump and fossil fuel backup heating systems by introducing an element of automation. In home retrofit projects, it is common for existing fossil fuel heating equipment to be left in place as a...

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Contractor Spotlight – Basnett

Contractors occupy a unique role in the energy efficiency space, serving as the bridge between program administrators and homeowners. This month’s spotlight is focused on Basnett Plumbing, Heating, and AC, one of our participating contractors who blends technical...

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Customer Spotlight – Becky from Belmont

This edition’s spotlight is focused on a customer from Belmont, Becky, who recently installed a second heat pump system in her home to replace her existing boiler. About two years ago, Becky took advantage of the Belmont Light heat pump rebate and took out a...

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2 New Programs Starting July 1!

The Abode Heat Pump Program has now been operating with Municipal Light Plants (MLPs) and towns in 14 communities for over a year! Our goal is to support homeowners while making it easier for contractors to sell and install their solutions.  800+   completed...

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