Having recently moved into a new house with an outdated oil-based heating system, Christine came across an article about RMLD incentives for heat pumps while reading the Reading Post. Intrigued by the article, she attended the Zoom session hosted by RMLD and Abode and was impressed by the efficiency and sustainability benefits of the technology. A brief consultation with Abode answered some lingering questions and helped her connect with contractors willing to work with RMLD rebates. 

“It’s always much easier when the customer is educated on their options and has a clear idea of what they want. A lot of customers have the misconception that electric heating is inherently more expensive, which is not the case,” says Dave from CMS Plumbing & Heating, the contractor for this project. Given that the home already had a ducted AC system, installing a heat pump system made sense in terms of cost and efficiency, with ductless systems being installed in the basement to extend the conditioned area. “As contractors, we ask that third-parties recognize the difference between efficiency and what is actually implementable,” Dave added. He appreciated Abode’s efforts to educate customers and communicate with contractors to get their perspective.