Thank you to all who have attended one of the e-plus overview sessions we have hosted over the past week. I have attached the two slide decks we reviewed for your reference. The first one is the e-plus overview that goes over the changes made to e-plus that will go live on December 1st. and an overview of the new Abode Salesforce portal that will be used for inspection call backs and case management for projects completed in e-plus.

December 1st this week.
All Eversource projects started in zone 1,3 and all EGMA projects will be entered into the updated e-plus software via utility search function in e-plus. Existing Rise customers will continue under Rise until January 1st.

Existing logins will be carried over to the new software, please reach out to support@abodeem.com if anyone needs a login to the software. As a reminder, no one should ever share login information.

Thanks and please reach out to Justin or myself with any questions or additional support on the rollout.

E-plus Powerpoint 
Case Management in Salesforce