Hello HPCs,

Thank you for your participation on the recent EPlus training calls. As discussed, Abode’s enhanced EPlus environment goes live tomorrow morning, 12/1/22.

  • As of tomorrow, all Eversource projects started in zones 1 & 3 as well as all EGMA projects will be entered into the updated EPlus software using the new utility search function in EPlus under Abode.
  • Existing RISE/EPlus customers entered into the system prior to December 1st will continue under RISE until January 1st, using the existing EPlus software.

Abode EPlus Software:

Existing users:

  • Existing EPlus login credentials will carry over into the new EPlus software.
  • Starting tomorrow morning, existing users can access the Abode instance of EPlus by navigating to the link below and downloading the Abode-specific file.
  • Once downloaded, existing users will have two files on their device—one for the RISE instance, and one for the Abode instance.

New users:

  • New EPlus user logins have been created upon request for HPC staff who were not previously working in EPlus. If HPCs have additional staff who are new to EPlus and have not been requested yet, please send those requests to us as needed.
  • As soon as possible this afternoon, Justin will notify each HPC contact of the login credentials for newly created users. These should be distributed out by the HPC to each new user, along with the EPlus URL below.
  • Starting tomorrow morning, new users can access the Abode instance of EPlus by navigating to the link below and downloading the Abode-specific file.
  • New users will need to set up multi-factor authentication by following the instructions in the attached guide.
  • Once downloaded, the software is accessed by clicking on the local file on the user’s device.

For both new and existing users to access the enhanced software and download the file for the first time, use this URL:


Salesforce Portal for QA Case Management:

Abode has set up a Salesforce Partner Portal that will be used in conjunction with EPlus for projects completed in the RISE software zones. The portal will be used to track completed inspections and return visits and allow for centralized communications around those. Salesforce will no longer be used for invoicing-related tasks; invoicing will be contained within EPlus. As Abode begins completing inspections of projects completed through EPlus, inspection records and return visit assignments will begin appearing in the portal.

We will be activating your portal licenses this afternoon. You will receive setup emails with instructions for logging in and creating a password. Please note that you only have 72 hours to create your password, or your access will expire. Please be on the lookout for this email and create your password once received. Each HPC is provided with a single-user login.

To access the Salesforce portal, use this URL:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or difficulties accessing the new software systems. We will be available for support bright and early tomorrow if you have any issues.

Thank you