Good Morning,

I wanted to quickly review how to locate unpaid HEA’s & Weatherization Projects. Harper and I sent out a communication a couple of weeks ago on this subject. In the past few weeks, RISE has updated Eplus to help prevent unwanted data/errors. These updates will prevent the user from printing or adding weatherization line items depending on the error. If the error is utility account related, please send an email to to add those accounts. Please make sure this is very clear with the HES team that we don’t want them switching the fuel type to remove the error.
Currently, there are 215 unpaid HEA’s & 142 unpaid WZ projects.

The screenshots below and an invoicing guide attached, provide information on how to locate projects that are sitting unpaid. Status 08=Revision Requested are projects that are currently rejected for the following reason(s):

  • Missing Heating Fuel
  • Missing DHW Fuel
  • No Measures associated with the project
  • Missing Account Numbers (Abode to update those)
  • The project has not been re-status to 35=Invoice ready
  • Rejected at invoicing (Notes will be added to the project)

If you have any questions or need additional training on Eplus please reach out! In an effort to help you get paid on time, we also ask that each HPC take a little more time with Eplus to provide us with sites that are clean and accurate. The less time it takes Abode to clean up data the quicker each HPC gets paid!

Justin Bolam