Eversource Lead Vendor Transition Update

Lead Vendors and Eversource are working through the details and making software updates needed for the transition. Currently, we are looking to start the transition on November 2nd.

I’ll send out a call invite for later this week, where we can discuss and answer any questions contractors may have. Feel free to reach out in the meantime.

As a reminder, updated HPC agreements must be executed before the transition begins on November 2nd, so please send those in this week.

This transition will be a phased rollout. When the full Eversource RFP transition is complete, the overall structure will be as follows

  • Eversource and EGMA (Previously Columbia Gas) will be combined
  • Eversource zip codes will be divided up into four zones
    • Zone 1 West
    • Zone 2 Central & Metro West
    • Zone 3 South
    • Zone 4 Greater Boston & North
  • CLEAResult will complete Energy Assesments and will be the LV for IICs in Zone 2&4
    • WFA (CLEAResult Eversource iteration) will be used for all work in Zone 2&4 for the IIC LV (CLEAResult) and all HPC
    • CLEAResult will be the Heat Loan administrator for zones 2&4
  • RISE will complete Energy Assesments and will be the LV for IICs in Zone 1&3
    • E-plus (RISE iteration) will be used for all work in Zone 1&3 for the IIC LV (RISE) and all HPC
    • RISE will be the Heat Loan administrator for zones 1&3
  • Abode will be the HPC LV in all four zones
  • Abode will be the Facilitated Services LV for Eversource for both LVs and HPCs.

Phase 1 – Nov 2, 2022
We are currently on pace to transition CLEAResult Eversource WFA projects to Abode on November 2nd for all Eversource accounts except for EGMA. When this happens, all customers in all stages are transferred from CLEAResult to Abode.

We will need to update the contract, COC, and invoicing templates and have calendars for Eversource sent to Abode. Abode will be updating looker reports that are provided to contractors.

There will be no change to how you will interact with WFA, it will be the project affiliation that will be updated from Clearesult to Abode. EGMA customers currently served under Rise will continue to be served under RISE until December 1st.

Phase 2A – November
We will be providing additional information and resources over the next couple of weeks as we get closer to the e-plus transition. We will provide detailed zone information with a zip code look-up. We will also be completing testing and providing training/updates on the changes with e-plus before the switchover.

Phase 2B – Dec 1, 2022
We are finalizing updates to E-plus that will include an auto-approval process, a quick add feature for identifying roadblocks, a calendar, and streamlined invoicing. Abode also needs to finish building out the document management, communication, and QA processes for this group of projects.

All projects in the new Rise zones 1-3 plus all EGMA customers in all four zones will be completed in Eplus beginning December 1st.

Phase 3 TBD – Feb 1, 2023
In February, EGMA data will be in WFA to finish the transition to the new zones, Eversource WFA will be used for all projects in zone 2&4 and e-plus in zone 1&3.

Coming soon
Facilitated Services – Abode will be rolling out an option for Lead Vendors and HPCs under Eversource to access a group of Electricians and HVAC repair companies contracted with Abode to overcome pre-wx barriers. Abode will provide an easy way to schedule visits, will pay contractors directly for services completed, and provide a report of the conclusion of the visit.