Hello HPCs,

I will be scheduling a Friday morning call for a smaller group to answer any questions. We understand the tight timeline and will be working with everyone to make this happen.

E-Plus Transition Update

  • Eversource transition timeline
  • Zip codes and Map of new Eversource Zones 1-4
  • E-plus training dates

Transition timeline overview

Here is an updated Transition Software/Zone transition timeline. Please reach out if there are any questions.

Zip Codes and Map of Eversource zones 1-4

Here are the zip code list and look up tool, along with a map for the new Eversource zones 1-4. On the tool, just enter the zip code and primary fuel and it will tell you which software to use. The Map link is also located just under the lookup tool.

The new zone transition will go into effect on December 1, 2022.

  • New version of e-plus will go live
  • All new projects scheduled in Zone 1 & 3 plus all EGMA projects will now be scheduled in e-plus under Abode.
  • All projects in zones 2 & 4 except for EGMA will be scheduled in WFA.
  • Existing projects started under Rise before 12/1 will continue under Rise until the end of the year.
  • All HPC projects previously under CLEAResult are now under Abode since 11/2.

E-plus training

Abode and Rise are currently finalizing the training resources needed for both users that need to understand the differences in the upgrades along with training from start to finish for ones who have no experience with e-plus. Justin and I are reaching out to all the HPCs individually to understand everyone’s needs and will be scheduling several training sessions between now and December 1st. To accommodate everyone.