Concord, MA – Abode Energy Management LLC (Abode), is working with the Boston Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH), to provide decarbonization services for the Healthy & Green Retrofit Pilot Program. The pilot enables the owners of 2–4 unit housing across the city to improve health, safety, and comfort for their residents. For those who qualify, MOH’s Boston Home Center (BHC) provides financing and construction project management. Additionally, the pilot lays the groundwork for future, scaled-up efforts to upgrade the city’s housing stock and achieve decarbonization goals. This moves Boston closer to its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2050.

“The Boston Home Center is very excited to be working with Abode to help residents decarbonize. We hope that the pilot will lay the groundwork for future, scaled-up efforts to upgrade Boston’s housing stock and achieve decarbonization goals,” Kristen Simmons, FUSE Executive Fellow at the Mayor’s Office of Housing.

In order to meet Boston’s carbon reduction goals for 2030 and 2050, small residential buildings will need to undergo significant transformation. The required work is not widely or clearly understood by owners or occupants, and if it were, their willingness or ability to take on this work would be hampered by high upfront costs, barriers to financing, lack of time, and the complexity of managing a building renovation. Abode will assist the Boston Home Center (BHC) by conducting site assessments, developing near-term action plans, and providing technical assistance to MOH, vendors, and participants.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Mayor’s Office of Housing to help residents decarbonize. We love working on local projects where we help those most in need tackle really challenging problems. We’re in this business to make an impact, and this is an ideal project for us,” said Dave Boettcher, President and Founder of Abode. “We’re lucky to live and work in an area where decarbonization demonstration projects happen, setting the stage for other municipalities, states, and regions to follow the same playbook and tackle carbon reduction in their communities. We look forward to the partnership with the City and the improvements this project will bring to Bostonians.”

About Abode:
Abode Energy Management (Abode) is an energy management and consulting services firm based in Concord, Massachusetts. Abode is focused on creating innovative solutions to drive energy efficiency and carbon reduction in residential buildings. Their collective experience – in building performance, energy efficiency, decarbonization technologies, and contractor management – enables them to deliver engaging, impactful climate solutions for utilities, contractors, and homeowners.

About the Mayor’s Office of Housing:
Since its inception in 1966, the Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH), formerly the Department of Neighborhood Development (DND), has acted as the primary local government agency charged with providing affordable housing opportunities for the residents of the City of Boston (City). As an agency of the City, established under Massachusetts statute and through the general policy direction of the Housing Authority and the Public Facilities Commission, MOH has been directly responsible for the planning, financing, and implementation of publicly assisted housing programs. MOH has also worked in collaboration with governmental agencies and private entities to educate the community, policy leaders, and various stakeholders about the issues surrounding affordable housing, and identify potential actions to address the affordable housing shortage.

Press Contact:
Kristin Dupre, VP Strategy and Development
Abode Energy Management