Since 2020, at least 14 heat-pump coaching programs have sprung up in the state, all with the aim of making it easier to adopt the increasingly popular appliance.

In 2021, Mike Pineault decided he wanted to dump his oil-fired boiler and replace it with a carbon-cutting heat pump. Because heat pumps come in a wide variety of types, Pineault, an attorney living in eastern Massachusetts, did a ton of research trying to understand the best kind of system for his home.

Yet despite making progress, Pineault decided he could use input from someone with firsthand experience with heat pumps. So he did what many other Wayland, Massachusetts residents seeking home-electrification advice have done in recent years: contact Steve Breit. A retired engineer, Breit has helped dozens of locals switch to heat pumps over the last three years. Such is his enthusiasm for helping people navigate and install the tech that Breit goes by the title of ​“heat-pump coach.”