Hello All,

I have created, with the help of the Abode staff, a field guide on how to run a HES in Eplus. This is a work in progress since changes are still being made to the software. I will be updating it as changes come along.

I know each HPC has a different process for how they run their audits and upload paperwork. This guide is to help solidify a process we want to see here at Abode. The most important thing to point out in the guide is closing out the project. Make sure you are setting the audit project to status 10-Audit complete and uploading all relevant paperwork to Google Drive. This is to ensure that HPCs get paid for completing their audits.

If you have any questions or advice to make the guide better please let me know!

I would appreciate it if this could be passed down to auditors throughout each organization!

Have a Happy Holidays!!

Justin Bolam