Consulting services for all phases of your project.

Understand your options and create a plan that’s right for your home.


Select the consultation type below that best suits your current needs.


Have multiple contractor quotes? Let’s decipher the jargon and help you understand system performance.


For a review of up to 3 quotes

  • Complete a questionnaire about your home and upload the quotes to our portal.
  • Receive an easy-to-understand report within five business days.
  • Understand the performance of the equipment being proposed.
  • Compare quotes for efficiency, cost, cooling & heating capacity, and greenhouse gas impact. 


Talk to our Specialist to understand if a heat pump is right for your home and create a plan to move forward.


Per 45-minute session

  • Discuss your goals and learn how heat pumps work.
  • Understand the economics and operational costs.
  • Share your home’s characteristics and discuss design options.
  • Get advice on selecting contractors and tips on what to ask for. 


We will measure your home’s energy performance and help you understand the sustainability options available to you.


Per in-home visit

  • Energy Modeling / Reporting
  • Block or Room-by-Room load calculation.
  • Blower Door Test / Infrared Scan.
  • Other Diagnostic Testing or Verification
  • Decarbonization Assistance
  • HERS Rating

“Trying to convert our house to clean energy was quite an undertaking… Understanding the overall process and all the components that are required are critical to a successful outcome, Mike Simons is the guy who can guide you through the process, answer all your questions and lead you to the rebates.”​

Laurie Gaines
Cambridge Resident

“I received three very different contractor proposals to install a Mitsubishi mini-split system in my home. RMLD put me in contact with Abode Energy Management to answer my questions and help me determine which system would be best for my needs: not which contractor would be best, but which proposed system would be best. Abode Energy Management was instrumental with my selection of a dual heat pump and A/C mini-split.”​

Barbara C.

“Tamir/Abode were incredibly helpful in putting together a complete home energy and efficiency plan for us. We struggled for months to find the right information on heat pump and insulation solutions for our 110 year old house, but Tamir was the first person we found who listened carefully to our needs and developed a complete long term plan to make our home comfortable and efficient, using products that are safe and reliable. We are now able to assess and work with contractors from an informed position, and that has been extremely useful in making our house the home we want it to be.”​

Evan P.


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