Lighting Updates for 2023. 
Beginning January 1, 2023, Only Moderate Income and Rental units will be eligible for lighting for about the first six months of the year. Lighting will no longer be provided at the assessment and will be shipped to eligible customers. More details to follow on the process.
It is now time to monitor inventory levels and plan to use up your existing stock by the end of the year. Recessed lights will no longer be eligible for anyone after 12/31/22.
Other ISM items 
  • Power strips, water devices, and thermostats will continue to be offered in 2023. No change.
  • Building 36 was discontinued on October 1st and can no longer be activated. If you have any in stock, return them to EFI for full refunds ASAP.  Other options for two-wire systems are being considered.
Rebates for 2023
It is our current understanding at this point there will be no updates to the current Mass Save rebates in 2023 besides the dates on the forms.
Thanks, and reach out with any questions.