In an effort to streamline the process of approving 5-50 unit complexes, we have created a Google Form that will replace the email submission. With the volume of emails that move through our inboxes daily, we want to make sure we can effectively manage this ALR pilot.
The form lists all of the questions that you would see from the one-pager we sent out last month. I will attach it to this email again. If the townhouse or condo looks to qualify consider it approved for an initial visit. Please notify the HES to be very aware of the complex they are driving into. If the complex doesn’t fit the criteria of the pilot the HES should not perform an assessment.
National Grid and Eversource are also looking for additional pictures from the initial HEA such as weatherization opportunities in the attic, basement, crawlspace, etc. As well as any relevant HVAC pictures. The more information provided the greater likelihood the complex will get approved.
The form should be filled out after the initial HEA.
If you have not heard from Mark or Myself that this complex has been approved no additional HEAs can be performed. As a side note, no weatherization can also be performed on the initial assessment without approval.

Justin Bolam