Hello HPCs,

Abode has recently created a new email address, techreview@abodeem.com, to be used for Wx scoping-related correspondence. This separate email should help Abode respond more quickly to these relatively time-sensitive questions.
Going forward, requests/communications related to the following topics should be sent to techreview@abodeem.com rather than support@abodeem.com:

  • Scoping questions
  • Clarification questions on Lead Vendor scoping policies and best practices
  • Approval/exception requests for abnormal scopes/measures

As a reminder, whenever sending questions related to Wx workscopes, it is very helpful to have photos of the spaces/conditions in question.

Other requests should continue to be sent to support@abodeem.com. As a reminder, Abode also recently created the email address HEAapprovals@abodeem.com for matters related to HEA project approvals (account validation, COSP requests, etc.).

Please communicate this out to all relevant staff on your HES and Wx teams. Thank you for your assistance with this and please let us know if you have any questions.