This Summer there will be a new gift card promotion for customers who sign their contracts and complete weatherization work. In order to give out the gift cards, we need to have the signed contract date recorded in ePlus (it is already entered in WFA).

Here are the steps to entering the contract signature date in ePlus, effective June 1, 2023:

  1. The contract signature date will be recorded with a milestone on the Wz Work Order.
  2. The Wz Scheduled date is already a required milestone, and the process is the same.
  3. This milestone should be created as soon as the contract is signed.
    • Navigate to the Wz Work Order and create the milestone Signed Contract
    • Add > Milestone Type > Signed Contract > Enter Date
  4. Once the contracts are signed, all signed paperwork should also be uploaded to Google Drive.

Please work with your staff to comply with this new request. There are many situations where the PAs and LVs need to know the backlog of work to help determine promotions and incentives and to meet reporting requirements. This is a field being used in other software we use and we need to include it in ePlus going forward.