New-Renter Pre-Weatherization Incentive for Knob & Tube and Vermiculite Mitigation

Rental units can now receive up to $5,000 upfront to clear the barriers of Knob & Tube or Verimiculiate Mitigation pre-rental unit in order to proceed with recommended Mass Save insulation work covered at 100% for renters.

I have attached the pre-weatherization barrier incentive forms below. When an Energy Specialist comes across one of these roadblocks in a rental unit, please fill out the top section of the form to identify the type and location of the roadblock and provide the customer with the rebate form. The customer will then provide the completed form with a quote for remediation for approval. If approved, a check wil be issued to the customer and contractor before the work begins.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions

Renter Pre-Weatherization Incentive
Renter Pre-Weatherization Incentive – Fillable PDF