Hello All,

I wanted to send out the recessed light box guidelines again as we are seeing some confusion in the field with this measure, and not all crew and Advisors are updated with guidelines and installation requirements.

Please ensure both Advisors and Crews understand these guidelines and that crews know how to install them properly.  For example, we are seeing some boxes without a 3″ clearance above the insulation, and the tops not appropriately attached.

I have attached the guidelines along with install best practices.  Below is the general guideline to follow.

  • Six or fewer recessed lights – build boxes (All 100% incentivized)
  • More than six lights – Non-IC rated, build boxes for them all (All 100% incentivized)
  • More than six lights – IC rated, have an electrician sign off or bill the customer 100% of the cost using the non-incentivized measure.  Electrician visit is covered at no cost for the customer.

Please reach out with any questions,

Hello All,

I just wanted to make a correction to this email I sent yesterday.

Recessed light boxes shall be sized for a 3″ clearance from all points of the fixture, >1″ taller than the adjacent insulation. I stated they needed to be 3″ taller than the insulation.

Sorry for any confusion,