Recessed light Boxes are now an official Mass Save offer.   From now on, jobs scoped should follow the attached guidelines for when the Energy Specialist should scope boxes and when a signoff should be obtained. Existing contracts can be updated to include these measures. However, pre-existing contracts with Recessed light box covers included must follow the attached guidelines and be adjusted as needed.
Two parts are listed in the software for the Recessed Light Box covers, and the names may vary.
  1. Recessed Light Box Cover Incentivised = 100% incentive. The program covers the cost of boxes for all non-IC-rated lights and six or fewer IC-rated lights without a signoff.
  2. Recessed Light Box cover not Incentivised = 0% incentive. The customer pays the total cost for more than 6 IC-rated lights or by request.
I have included a Recessed Light Box install best practice deck that Revise shared during one of the past BPWG meetings.
Abode offers a remote IC signoff process where an Energy Specialist can take pictures of the fixtures, and a licensed electrician will review and sign off on them remotely. I’ll send more information on this process soon.
Please review the guidelines and share them with your teams. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Justin or me.