Account data for both WFA and e-plus have been updated to include previous served and EGMA account data.

  • All Eversource assessments scheduled in
  • Zones 2 & 4 will now run through Eversource WFA
  • Zones 1 & 3 in e-plus
  • Existing projects will continue to be run through the software they began in regardless of the zone.
  • Past Rise projects will continue to be invoiced through Eplus.
  • HEAs that have been scheduled and NOT completed can be transferred from Eplus to WFA if you choose.
  • If you are moving projects from Eplus to WFA, set the Status of those projects to 90 = Deactivated

Attached please find the updated zip code list and look-up tool, along with an updated map for the Eversource zones 1-4. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Mark or myself.