The summer gift card promotion kicks off again tomorrow, June 1st. I’ll share the collateral as soon as it is complete. Mailers are being sent to customers who have had unsigned contracts for the past two years and are encouraged to contact you. Please don’t hesitate to market to existing customers with unsigned contacts.

Please ensure the software (WFA, E-Plus) is updated appropriately when there is a change in the status of a project. The contract signed date field is an important trigger for this gift card and will be used to determine which customers are sent gift cards.

Differences between PAs are listed below in Bold.

Offer: $100 rewards card | Sign contract between 6/1-7/31, complete work by 10/31. Customers with a co-pay of less than $100 are eligible.

$50 rewards card | Sign contract between 6/1-8/31, complete work by 10/31. Customers with a co-pay of less than $50 are not eligible.

Mark Tempel
VP of Operations


Hello All,

I’ve attached a copy of the Eversource flyer that specialists can provide to homeowners.  I will share the National Grid version as soon as possible.



Hello All,

Sorry again for the delay here.  I have attached a copy of the National Grid Flyer that can be provided to customers.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

To clarify: Eversource allows this gift card to all customers with a signed contract, even without a co-pay.  National Grid requires the co-pay to be $50 or greater to qualify.

Thanks again,


Hi All,

Hopefully, this will be the last email on this. I have attached an updated National Grid flyer that changes the 100% off insulation to 75%, so it’s more apparent that the wx contracts have to be over $50 to qualify for National Grid.

I have included the clean and print versions for both Eversource and National Grid flyers here, so they are in one place.

Thanks again.