The Mass Save Program Administrators (PAs) recently unveiled a draft of their three-year energy efficiency plan for 2022-2024, which places an increased emphasis on electrification measures. The plan aims to provide a solid foundation for the phasing out of fossil fuel systems in favor of electrically-powered heat pumps. To that end, Mass Save proposes to eliminate residential incentives for oil-fired boilers and will phase out incentives for central AC systems that are not heat pumps by year three of the plan (2024). In addition, the program intends to provide increased funding for weatherization measures to promote combined heat pump-weatherization projects.

The Three-Year Plan also recognizes the importance of developing the workforce to accommodate the evolving needs of the industry.  A recent Workforce Development Needs Assessment showed that there has been difficulty hiring qualified HVAC technician candidates and that diversity among the workforce in the industry is low. The PAs will be collaborating closely with MassCEC to share insights and support the needs of the workforce as it grows  to the level needed to meet state goals.