Hello all,

Abode and CLEAResult have aligned on a streamlined approach for Change of Service Providers when customers have not actually been served with an HEA. We have been calling these Multiple HEAs Scheduled in our emails with you.

We are dividing these requests into two categories depending on whether they are scheduled more or less than 3 weeks into the future.

More than 3 weeks:

  • If a customer reaches out to schedule an assessment when they already have an existing visit with another contractor that is more than three weeks out, the new appointment will be approved in the software by the Lead Vendor.

  • The original contractor will be informed by the Lead Vendor that the customer has been approved for a sooner appointment, and their project will be closed/removed in the software.

  • The original contractor may choose to contact the customer to confirm their intent to change providers, but the approval process will no longer be delayed while that happens.

Less than 3 weeks:

  • If the customer is scheduled with another contractor for an assessment that is within the next three weeks, new HEA visits will only be approved to work with a new contractor once the customer has canceled any previously scheduled visits, and this is reflected in the software.

  • In the Initial Manual Eligibility Review task in WFA, other visits are identified as active projects that have no date (a date would indicate that an HEA has been completed).

  • Do not submit these projects to Final Manual Eligibility Review for the Lead Vendor to handle. Ask the customer to cancel other appointments and call you back when they have done that.

  • When the other visits have been closed/removed in the software, you will no longer see the active project in the Initial Manual task. At that point, you can click “this task cannot be completed” to return to the Account Validation task, confirm the account numbers selected, and send the project forward. Unless there is another issue, your project should auto-approve.

We feel this approach strikes a good balance between honoring the customer’s desires and recognizing the HPC’s efforts to attract and retain customers.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.