Good Morning,

Please see the attached Google Form Link. This will help streamline the process of collecting information for New Employees that need access to multiple software’s.
The current process stands as just sending an email to myself and or Mark. Unfortunately, these can get lost easily and make it hard to follow up on. The Google Form has all of the information that we would need to process new employees.
The following guidelines will apply:
  1. Fill out the form individually for each new employee. No need to send us an email after.
  2. Give me up to two hours to get the documents sorted and the new employee(s) entered into each software (Eplus Logins may take longer)
  3. Once employee(s) have been sorted, and all necessary paperwork was uploaded, I will email the individual who sent the form(s) that the documents have been stored and account(s) have been activated.
Please save the link below and let me know if you have any questions.