Hingham, Mass.– Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant (HMLP) has launched a new program to build awareness of the benefits of air source heat pumps and make it easy for residents to explore and install this efficient technology that provides both home heating and cooling. “Air source heat pumps provide Hingham residents an alternative to fossil fuel heat and allows them to take advantage of Hingham’s low electric rates while making their homes more comfortable and reducing their carbon footprint,” said Thomas Morahan, General Manager of HMLP.

Heat pumps keep homes comfortable year-round, providing both heating and cooling more efficiently than traditional systems. HMLP offers rebates of up to $2,000 for residents to install air source heat pumps, also sometimes known as ductless mini splits. Through this community heat pump program, sizing and design support will be offered to residents and contractors to ensure that the installed systems deliver the savings and comfort expected, as well as improve the home’s overall carbon impact.

HMLP has hired leading energy services firm Abode Energy Management (Abode) to design and implement the program and drive increased adoption of air source heat pumps. “Our aim is to have as many Hingham residents as possible learn about comfort and savings of heat pumps and confidently move forward with projects,” said Kristin Dupre, Vice President of Strategy and Development at Abode. Over the past several years, advances in heat pump technology have made it possible to heat and cool entire homes in the New England climate. “Because the systems are highly customizable, it can be difficult to compare quotes and system designs. The Heat Pump Specialist will help Hingham residents navigate the entire process and ensure installations are completed with the utmost quality at a fair price,” said Travis Estes, Chief Operating Officer of Abode.

Hingham residents are encouraged to visit abode.energy/mlp where they can learn more about how heat pumps work and find a list of pre-qualified contractors from which they may obtain quotes. Residents are not required to use a contractor from this list. Residents can also connect directly with Abode’s Heat Pump Specialists by scheduling at abode.energy/consultation to ask questions at any point in their heat pump exploration process. When residents are ready to begin installation, they should call the hotline to connect their contractor to the program. Abode will carefully review design plans and equipment selections to ensure systems will operate in a manner that will deliver the savings and comfort that are expected. While this engagement is required to access HMLP’s heat pump rebates, the process is quick and streamlined and offered at no cost to Hingham residents. Contractors wishing to install heat pump systems in Hingham are also invited to contact Abode to be vetted and added to a preferred contractor list.

About Hingham Municipal Lighting Department: HMLP is one of 41 municipal light departments organized under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 164, and one of more than 2,200 municipally owned light departments in the country. HMLP is recognized locally and nationally as an innovator in technology and new services. https://www.hmlp.com/