Acton, Mass.– The Town of Acton has launched a new program, the Acton Clean Energy Challenge, to build awareness of the benefits of air source and ground source heat pumps and related energy-efficient electric heating and cooling technologies. The program provides educational resources and assistance to Acton residents interested in installing these technologies. “We want to make it as easy as possible for residents and businesses in Acton to electrify their homes or buildings when they don’t know where to start,” said John Mangiaratti, Town Manager for the Town of Acton. “We look forward to seeing the impact of the Acton Clean Energy Challenge in the coming months.” Andrea Becerra, Sustainability Director with the Town of Acton, added, “air source and ground source heat pumps are a great option for Acton residents and businesses choosing to retrofit their heating and cooling systems, reduce their energy use, and curb their environmental impact.” Acton residents and business owners can learn more about the program at an introductory webinar on Thursday, September 23rd at 7pm by registering here. A webinar recording and slides will be distributed to all registrants following the live (virtual) event, so registering is encouraged even if unable to attend day-of.

Heat pumps, often known as ductless mini-splits, keep homes comfortable year-round, providing both heating and cooling more efficiently than traditional systems. Related technologies exist for domestic water heating, including heat pump and solar hot water heaters. Through this community program, educational support will be offered to residents and contractors at no cost to ensure that the installed systems deliver the savings and comfort expected, as well as improve the home’s overall carbon impact.

Acton has hired leading energy services firm Abode Energy Management (Abode) to design and implement the program and drive increased adoption of energy-efficient heating and cooling technologies. “Our goal is to teach as many people in Acton as possible about the comfort and savings of these technologies and enable them to confidently move forward with projects,” said Kristin Dupre, Vice President of Strategy and Development at Abode. Over the past several years, advances in heat pump technology have made it possible to heat and cool entire homes in the New England climate. “Because the systems are highly customizable, it can be difficult to compare quotes and system designs. Abode’s Heat Pump Specialists will help Acton residents navigate the entire process and think about homes comprehensively,” said Travis Estes, Chief Operating Officer of Abode.

Acton residents are encouraged to visit where they can learn more about how heat pumps, energy-efficient domestic hot water systems, and related technologies work. Abode also maintains a list of pre-qualified contractors from which residents may obtain quotes. Residents are not required to use a contractor from this list. Residents can also connect directly with Abode’s Heat Pump Specialists by scheduling at to ask questions at any point in the heat pump exploration process. Contractors wishing to install systems in Acton are also invited to contact Abode to be vetted and added to the participating contractor list.