There has been some new implementation to Eplus to allow users to change their passwords when the account has expired. Please see below.

There was a change implemented last week that requires you to go to remote.riseengineering.com and download a new eplus shortcut each time you access. If your password has expired, when you attempt to log in remote.riseengineering.com, you will be prompted to update it.

As you know, Abode user account passwords are set never to expire. We have been working to address this and implemented a solution causing all Abode users’ passwords to expire today and expire every 90 days after that. Below is what users will expect to see when their password expires.

  • What happens when this feature is enabled?
    • Upon attempting to log into the RDWeb page, all HPC users’ accounts will be presented with a warning stating that their password has expired and to click on the link to reset their password.
  • When the HPC user clicks on the link to change their password, they will see the following screen:
  • Upon entering their new password, the user will receive a message stating the change was successful OR that it did not meet all the required criteria:
    • Password criteria: 9 Characters long, Includes Upper case, Lower case, number, and special character.
      • Passwords will need to be reset every 90 Days, and a user cannot utilize any previous password as recent as 5 iterations.
Justin Bolam