With the winter weather hitting us now, a reminder of Abode’s process for attic jobs where ventilation is required but unable to be installed due to weather-related safety concerns (snow and ice).

  • Complete all other work besides the venting and invoice for only the work installed. (Items not installed shouldnever be billed until completed).
  • Inform the customer that you will return to install the venting when the weather permits and try to schedule the return then.
  • Write on the COC that venting could not be installed due to weather conditions.
  • Abode expects all venting to be installed as soon asthe weather permits.
  • When the venting is installed, please send a copy of the updated COC highlighting the work that was completed to invoices@abodeem.com

A friendly reminder: Remember to ask customers about their fireplaces when confirming the Wx appointment and ensure they are closed up tight before running the blower door!!  We have seen a couple of messes already where this was overlooked.

Be safe out there!